Pipetting Samples

Erstotizer Safety Data Sheets & Laboratory Reports

Our products have been successfully tested by an

independent German laboratory for their effectiveness against

specific bacteria and viruses.

View Erstotizer's Safety Data Sheets and Laboratory Reports.

Safety Data Sheet

MSDS_Erstotizer Wipe


Technical Data Sheet-Erstotizer

Laboratory Reports

Bacteria Test

Coated Lenete-Foil vs E. coli

Coated Leneta-Foil vs Staph. aureus

Coated Leneta-Foil vs Kiebsiella pneumoniae

Coated Leneta-Foil vs Aspergillus niger

Coated Leneta-foil vs Salmonella choleraesius

Coated Leneta-foil vs Listeria monocyfogenes

Coated Leneta-foil vs Psudomonas aeruginosa

Coated leneta foil against Enterococcus hirae

Coated Leneta-foil vs Clostridiorides difficile

Erstotizer vs Staphylococcus aureus

Erstotizer vs Escherichie coff

Determination of germ reduction rate

Dermatological Test

Food Conformity Test

Dermatological Test on Humans

Erstotizer Food Conformity Test

Virus Test


Influenza A Virus Screening Test

Testing Virucidal Activity of Erstotizer






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