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Erst Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a Joint Venture between Erst Project GmbH and ISDN Holdings Ltd. We specialise in developing and producing chemical-free surface coatings, disinfection and cleaning solutions.


We are proud supporters of sustainable business practises. We guarantee that our product not only works but are safe to use around humans, animals and the environment.

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Our Mission


At ERST, we believe in creating a safe and clean future for our community, friends and family.  Our company is committed to creating innovative hygiene products that are environmentally compatible and in line with our company’s philosophy. 


Our Commitment


ERST is committed to providing the best services and products for our clients. We offer customer-focused solutions that provide long-lasting benefits for their health and business. We believe in handling customer needs in one, cohesive unit, and addressing associated challenges and constant changes in a coordinated manner. 


Through our personal commitment and adherence to high standards performance for each and every of our employees, we will deliver the highest standards of service along with top-tier products that you expect and deserve.






No. 10 Kaki Bukit Road 1

#01-30 KB Industrial Building

Singapore 416175

Phone: +65-6844 0288

Fax: +65-6844 0070

Email: marketing@erstapac.com

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Information on this website is based on tests we have conducted (see reports) & current scientific research and is provided as information only. The information does not constitute medical or legal advice and following the advice given will not necessarily provide complete or any protection in all situations or against all health hazards caused by in-car air pollution. Always consult your doctor or professional advisor for specific health needs. You should never disregard medical advice or delay seeking such advice because of anything you read on this website.

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