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We provide anti-bacterial and anti-virus disinfection services for living and workspaces with non-toxic and effective disinfection products.

We use Waterliq, your #1 choice for protecting your family and babies from bacteria and viruses. Waterliq is safe for use on your face and body, even on newborns. Also safe for pets and plants.
A totally safe disinfectant, which consists mainly of water and a small percentage of various salts, but with proven effectiveness against deadly viruses (including SARS, HFMD and COVID19). 

Disinfection Fogging

Our disinfection method

Fogging is an effective and thorough disinfection method. It disinfects surfaces and kills airborne viruses and bacteria as well. Using Waterliq, our home brand disinfection solution, you can achieve 99.99% elimination of viruses and bacteria, all while enjoying a non-toxic, non-chemical and environmentally friendly disinfection solution. 

Each disinfection session will include:

  • Consultation

  • Site visit

  • Disinfection process

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