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Disinfect Large,
Confined spaces / rooms
with the power of H2O

Waterliq’s ultra-fine mist is generated by ultrasonic humidifiers. These instantly deactivate any viruses, bacteria and microbes that it comes into contact with, in the air and on surface it lands on.

Waterliq’s application includes installation in large spaces such as supermarkets, malls, schools and libraries. It can be turned on either continuously or intermittently, depending on your needs and specifications.

Empty Classroom


Keep the youths and children germ and virus-free forever.

Shopping Mall Escalators


Keeping Shoppers safe with purified Waterliq mist.

In the Supermarket


Keep your produce fresh and clean under a cloud of purified Waterliq mist.

Our system is cost-effective.


Eliminate the cost of running refrigerated display showcases and increase the shelf life of your produce. Our system reduces bacteria and lower temperatures so your produce remains fresher for longer, and keeps your customer back for more mouth-watering products. 


The Waterliq mist is created using ultrasonic humidifiers underneath the display bed and the end result is a cost-effective, eye-catching display.


This creates a showcase for your produce and encourages customers to buy more, more often!


Remove stale air and viruses from office spaces.

Viruses can spread like wildfire at your office.


Whether you’re hanging around at the pantry, or using communal items such as the paper shredder, the photocopier and more - germs spread and can linger on surfaces for hours, making you vulnerable to airborne infection. 

WATERLIQ removes these harmful germs from all surfaces, ensuring a clean and sanitary work environment to be in.

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