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A new era of thermal insulation. Simple, safe, direct and cost-effective heat & cold insulation.


This surface-active coating contains vacuum-filled ceramic particles, which form an active heat-cold protection and thermo-ceramic storage after application.


A unique combination of styrene-acrylate with vacuum ceramic particles, combined with breathability and water vapour diffusivity.


Thermal Insulation with Erstotherm

This surface-active wall & ceiling coating contains vacuum-filled ceramic particles, which protect surfaces from heat and cold, providing thermoceramic storage after application.


During the hotter months, the coating also absorbs excess humidity from the room, stores it and then attempts to compensate for it with the drier room air. This creates an evaporation cooling system, which can also lower room temperatures.


In colder months, when humidity is low, the vacuum ceramic coating absorbs heating energy and reflects it as heat radiation evenly onto all wall and ceiling surfaces without passing it through to the substrate behind. 

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