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Disinfecting Gantry

At Entrances / Exits

A walk-through structure and an ioniser which releases an Waterliq, disinfecting each individual who passes through it. Waterliq’s ultra-fine mist is generated by ultrasonic humidifiers. These instantly deactivate any viruses, bacteria and microbes that it comes into contact with in the air, and on the surfaces it lands on.

Requiring just a mere 10 and 20 seconds in the tunnel, waterliq can help to eradicate up to 99.99 per cent of viruses and bacteria on surfaces, including exposed skin, clothes and other personal belongings.


It is also perfectly safe for one to breathe while in the tunnel, as Waterliq is consisted entirely of water. 

Sanitization Tunnel

Installed at Entry / Exit of Workplaces or Malls


  • Sensor Activated

  • Timer Off

  • Instant Inactivation of Virus, Bacteria, Microbes

  • Head to Toe Disinfection including under footwear

  • Dry Misting – 1 to 5 microns ultra-fine droplets

  • Scalable Tank Capacity from 10L up

  • Economical Model

  • Very low maintenance

  • Indoor or Outdoor use

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