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ERST Waterliq is safe for the whole family

Your #1 choice to protecting your family and babies from bacteria and viruses. Waterliq is safe for use on your face and body, even on newborns.


A totally safe disinfectant, which consists mainly of water and a small percentage of various salts, but with proven effectiveness against deadly viruses (including SARS, HFMD and COVID19). 


It replaces the conventional way of cleaning or disinfecting surfaces. Safe for cleaning children's toys or disinfecting cutleries before eating.

WaterLiq creates a wide range of sustainable alternatives which make our entire environment healthier and therefore play an important role in consolidating health in our society. Learn more by downloading our brochure.


How it works:

WATERLIQ is proven to be effective against viruses more deadly than SARS on both porous and non-porous surfaces. This is achieved through Oxidation - a process that disrupts the most important cellular structures of the viruses, bacteria and microbes, killing them instantly.


Our unique technology produces oxidant chlorine dioxide from just water and salt. This means that our product is safe and non-toxic when in contact with skin, and edible products. However, WATERLIQ’s oxidative strength has the ability to instantly deactivate viruses, killing germs, bacteria and microbes. 

Recommended Uses_ Waterliq in Humidifier

Waterliq Pocket Spray

Safe for use even on newborns

Waterliq Pocket Spray eliminates more than 99.999% of the common bacteria and germs we encounter on a daily basis, including Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease (HFMD), COVID-19 and more.. It is non-toxic, non-chemical, fragrance-Free, and safe for use on face (even for newborns).

Great for disinfecting cutleries when dining outside, and spraying on face masks for disinfection.

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WATERLIQ replaces the conventional way of cleaning or disinfecting surfaces. The use of non-toxic disinfecting procedures meant reducing the use of antibiotics and other harmful chemicals in industrial animal husbandry or farming.


Our product can also be applied on-site locations and in the interiors of both public and private transportation. WATERLIQ’s wide range of sustainable alternatives is not only the perfect solution to maintain hygiene in your day to day activities, but it helps keep our environment virus-free and chemical-free. 


Download our brochure now to learn about the different applications of WATERLIQ.

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