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Car Interior

In-Car Application


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Applicable for cars, buses or trains, ultra-fine Waterliq droplets of 1 to 5 microns being generated by one Ultrasonic Humidifier, when circulated by the air conditioner will inactivate COVID-19 virus upon contact in the air and on surfaces.

Estotizer, a functional surface coating that is unique in its nature and effectiveness, can be applied to surfaces in a simple wiping or spraying process***. The coated surfaces are covered for up to 24*** months with a long-lasting protective shield that constantly produces an antibacterial effect around the clock, thus leading to a bacteria reduction of> 99.99%.



1. With aircon in recirculation mode, the ultra-fine Waterliq droplets will be circulated in the interior of the vehicle to disinfect any virus, bacteria, microbes in the air and on surfaces instantly on contact

2. In-Car model that fits into cupholders with 260ml capacity which can last 6 to 8 hours when turned ON continuously.



Clear Surface Coating can prevent cross contamination on high tough points in the car and protect from disease from Pets to Human infection too. Safe for Humans and Animals. Colorless & Odourless – does not affect the color, material and texture of car interior. 


Application: Can be wiped or sprayed on with curing time of minimum 3 hours after application. Coating last up between 6 to 24 months**

See how it works

Check out our animated video to learn how

Waterliq + Erstotizer work together for a clean, virus-free car.

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