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Disinfect and protect the high touch surface areas from virus and bacterial infections in the long run with our non-toxic anti-microbial coating services! 

Applicable for the home, offices, MICE venues, malls, vehicles and even public transport.

Our unique coating solution can be applied to surfaces in a simple wipe or spraying process. The coated surfaces are covered for up to 12 months with a long-lasting protective shield providing long-lasting antibacterial protection and kills 99.99% of germs.


Our anti-microbial surface coating solution

The anti-microbial surface coating fills, seals and smoothes the pores and cavities of the treated surface without compromising its properties. Many surface pores and cavities are breeding grounds for pathogens; here the pathogens receive their food supply and can multiply uninhibited. NOMOBAC first deprives the pathogens of their expansion possibilities by minimizing the food options.

Each anti-microbial surface coating session will include:

  • Consultation

  • Site visit

  • Anti-microbial surface coating process

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